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Mercedes W201 190E Motorsport Parts Acquisition

We are constantly looking for Mercedes W201 parts for reproduction or refurbishment to enable repairs and restorations of Mercedes 190E. Thanks to our large network, we can also facilitate sales and establish contacts.

If you would like to sell a large stock of parts or even individual pieces and do something good for the worldwide W201 community, get in touch with us! Ideally include some pictures, key data and your asking price.

After the initial contact, there is also the possibility of an on-site inspection or collection of parts.

We are looking for the following parts:

  • Mercedes W201 DTM and other motorsport parts (engine, drivetrain, suspension, body, etc.)
  • Mercedes M102 16V engines and engine parts
  • Mercedes W201 and W124 differentials with 185mm ring gear and short ratio
  • Mercedes W201 16V and Sportline steering gear
  • no longer available, new Mercedes W201 original parts from old stocks
  • Mercedes W201 special tools
  • Mercedes W201 lower control arms and rear subframe (only original parts without rust-damage)
  • Mercedes R129 steering knuckles
  • Mercedes W201 motorsport projects (also project terminations)
  • Mercedes W201 16V shells
  • Mercedes W201, W124, R129 and W126 AMG parts
  • … you have something similar that might also be interesting? Feel free to offer it to us.

Get in touch via our contact form or by email at info@rpm-depot.de

Added Value
If we come to an agreement, you have the option of redeeming your parts for a rpmdepot shopping voucher and receiving a 5% bonus.