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Aero, Gulli or Baroque? – Classic rims for your Mercedes

We all enjoy the classic rims that Mercedes-Benz and AMG produced for our classics at the time. Whether the baroque rim for the Strichacht, the manhole cover on the 190, an AMG Aero for the W126 or the AMG Penta rim on the R107, the wheels are very popular. But after more than 30 years, […]

Bastuck stainless steel exhaust systems for the 190E baby benz of the W201 series

Anyone who has tried to order a new exhaust system for their 190 from Daimler over the past few years knows the problem. Either the components are no longer available or can only be purchased for horrendous sums. If you don’t want to use lower quality parts, you have to look elsewhere. But look no […]