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maxilite EVO wheel 17 inch – now available for W201 W124 R129 and others

evo style 825x17 1

We look forward to add the exclusive EVO wheel to our growing range of wheels on offer.


Also known to many under the name Ceginus, the “Evo” rim was once developed for extraordinary vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2, the 124 series 500E Limited or the SL of the 129 series with part number A1244011702. It was very popular and has already been used in the past on other vehicles, such as the 2.3-16 or 2.5-16 of the 201 series. This variant is 8.25 inches wide and thus also fills large wheel arches.

The little brother of the rim, on the other hand, was only 7.5 inches wide and can therefore also be used on many other vehicles without major adjustments. The origin was the original rim A1704011602 / B66470527 as can be recognized by the part number was the SLK Roadster.

It has been difficult and expensive to get a good set of rims on the used market for a long time.


The search has come to an end. We offer both versions of the Evo wheel brand new as a high-quality reproduction. The wheel is available in two sizes and also in various surface finishes.

The original Mercedes-Benz hub caps with the part number B66470202 can be installed without any problems.

The manufacturer of the wheels is the Swiss company maxilite. The company has been producing wheels for classic vehicles since 2008 and has now become the market leader in this segment.

Thanks to certification, the rims are manufactured in a consistently high quality, so you can fully rely on them. This also stands for a plus in safety compared to decades-old rims whose history is mostly unknown.

Registration? Easy!

The rims on offer all have a TÜV certificate and can therefore be easily registered. It can also be used on vehicles with an historic license plate. To do this, you only have to plan a visit to your TÜV inspector, where he will register the rims for you via an individual approval.

We will be happy to send you the report in advance on request so that you can plan everything you need to know. Just write us an email.

Have we sparked your interest? Get your set of wheels now for the start of the new season.

… and if you are looking for a different rim, have a look at our fullprogram. There is something for everyone there.