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Injection Valve Mercedes M102 M103 W201 W124 W126 A0000785623

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Genuine Bosch injection valve A0000785623 for all M102 and M103 engines with KE-Jetronic of the W201 190E, W124, W126, R129, W463 and more chassis.

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Injection Valve Mercedes M102 M103 W201 W124 W126 A0000785623 29,99 Original price was: 29,99€.24,99Current price is: 24,99€.

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New Bosch injection valve for your Mercedes W201 190E, W124 and other models with M102 and M103 KE-Jetronic engines. With new nozzles, you can improve engine running, reduce consumption and prevent damage to the engine due to dripping from worn valves. Mercedes recommends regular replacement approx. every 160,000 km. As the age of valve in many vehicles is unknown, it is advisable to replace them and can be done easily with just a few hand tools.

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