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Aero, Gulli or Baroque? – Classic rims for your Mercedes

We all enjoy the classic rims that Mercedes-Benz and AMG produced for our classics at the time. Whether the baroque rim for the Strichacht, the manhole cover on the 190, an AMG Aero for the W126 or the AMG Penta rim on the R107, the wheels are very popular. But after more than 30 years, the selection is simply not as large as it used to be. Many rims have fallen victim to accidents and curbs and some are probably experiencing their second spring as a Coke can today.

So it makes sense to revive these designs. Most manufacturers, however, focus on current models and not on niches such as Mercedes old- and youngtimers.

This gap has been filled by the Swiss maxilite AG since 2008, which has since developed into the market leader as a supplier of wheels for classic vehicles. In the course of this, maxilite has fortunately also thought of us Mercedes drivers and offers a constantly growing portfolio for a number of Mercedes models.

The rims on offer have a TÜV certificate and can be registered in Germany. It can also be used on vehicles with an historic license plate. To do this, you only have to plan a visit to your TÜV inspector, where he will register the rims for you via an individual approval.

Thanks to certification, the rims are manufactured in a consistently high quality, so you can fully rely on them. This also stands for a plus in safety compared to decades-old rims whose history is mostly unknown.

With the help of modern processes it is possible to offer these bikes at attractive prices. It’s best to have a look at the Shop stop by and give your car a set of new wheels.

If you have any questions please contact us. We are glad to help you.

The complete maxilite program is available from us on request. It contains, among other things, rims for BMW, Porsche or VW.