Motorsports Engine Mounts Mercedes W201 190E 2.3-16 2.5-16 16V M102 M103 M104


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Improve driving experience of your Mercedes W201 with a set of motorsports engine mounts for 190E 2.3-16 and other W201 with four and six cylinder engines.

Motorsports Engine Mounts Mercedes W201 190E 2.3-16 2.5-16 16V M102 M103 M104 329,00339,00

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With the performance engine mount set, your drivetrain will be better connected to the body and there will be less unwanted movement during heavy braking or fast cornering. Nevertheless, the motor is able to emit vibrations due to the built-in damper.

The handling of your W201 gets more predictable due to a lower center of gravity compared to stock, and the driving experience is improved significantly. Gearshifts in situations with strong acceleration forces can also be performed more reliably, as the engine, transmission and shifter assembly retain their positions relative to each other. For the best experience also install a set of Delrin shift bushings.

The engine mount set is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and includes high-strength bolts and elastomeric buffers with stainless steel inserts. All components are anodized, galvanized or made of stainless material for protection against corrosion. The elastomer elements are designed with a hardness of 55 Shore A.


Harder material for better performance inevitably results in more vibrations, which are passed on as a load to the rest of the vehicle. The use of threadlocker is recommended.

The bearings are tested on M102 16V, M103 and M104 but can also be used with common other engines such as M102 8V, M111, etc. Note the lower overall height.

Depending on the setup of your vehicle, make sure that the engine has sufficient oil supply when cornering hard, especially when using slicks or semi-slicks. Check out the motorsport oil pan for 190E with M102 16V engines for track use.

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