Fender Spacer Kit Mercedes Benz W201 190E


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Widen the fenders on the 190E with our AMG display kit. Ideal for placing under fenders and bumpers for 16/17 inch rims or for lowering.

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Fender Spacer Kit Mercedes Benz W201 190E 20,16

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Spacer Kit to stop rubbing tires on your W201

If you want to mount larger rims on your 190 or if you lower it, the tire often rubs against the fenders and bumper. TÜV also often demands better coverage for wider tires.

With our spacer kit based on the classic AMG kit, you can easily widen your fenders and create a little more space in the wheel well. Like the original, which is no longer available, we use plastic sleeves that protect the paint and corrosion-resistant screws. Everything you need is included in the kit.

A simultaneous exchange of the Bumper bracket is often recommended as these become brittle with age.

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