Spring Shims Mercedes Benz 190E W201 W124 R129 W202 W210 Front Rear 1-4 Points


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Rubber spring shims in all thicknesses for all W201. Variants from one to four points for easy change of vehicle level on front and rear axle of your 190E. Also fits W124 R129 W202 W210.

Order 2 pieces per axle.

Spring Shims Mercedes Benz 190E W201 W124 R129 W202 W210 Front Rear 1-4 Points 4,99

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Point by point

In order to ensure a consistent vehicle level regardless of optional extras such as sunroof, automatic transmission or air conditioning, Mercedes uses a points system to select the suspension springs and their shims.

To compensate for minor differences, there are rubber spring shims in various thicknesses that are placed on the spring and rest against the top of the spring retainer.

They allow you to raise or lower your W201 a few millimeters at a time in small increments. Thus, the rubbers are also when installing other suspensions or lowering springs a super means to fine-tune the vehicle level and prevent, for example, dragging tires during compression or large steering angle.

With us you get all variants from one to four points for the front axle and one to three points for the rear axle.

You should always change spring rubbers in pairs. You can find out which spring rubbers have the right strength for you in the following table.


Mercedes specifies the spring insert with the following thicknesses:

Front axle 1 point 8mm
Front axle 2 points 13mm
Front axle 3 points 18mm
Front axle 4 points 23mm
Rear axle 1 point 8mm
Rear axle 2 points 13mm
Rear axle 3 points 18mm

Additional information

Installation location, thickness: No selection

front – 1 point, front – 2 points, front – 3 points, front – 4 points, rear – 1 point, back – 2 points, back – 3 points

Reference Number: No selection

A2013210984, A2013211084, A2013211184, A2013211284, A2013250944, A2013251044, A2013251144


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