Mercedes W201 190E Evo 2 Brake System Upgrade Kit


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Complete Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo 2 brake system with add-on parts – Perfect brake upgrade for the W201 – Plug & Play for 16V models. Classic, Performance and Motorsport variants available.

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Stopping Power

With our Clubsport 190E Evo 2 brake system, you’ll give your 190E a high-performance brake system for everything from everyday use to trackdays to entry-level motorsports.

Larger 4-piston fixed calipers with 38 or 42mm piston diameter and brake discs with 300mm on the front axle, as well as larger 38mm pistons and 278mm discs on the rear axle were already installed at the factory on the 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II at the time and offer a significant boost in braking power. In the kit you get calipers made of steel. These are heavier than the no longer available aluminum variant, but we are convinced that the greatly improved braking performance is worth the higher weight for most drivers and gives you more driving fun as well as safety.

All sets include a wide range of mounting hardware to make installation as easy as possible. From anti-squeak paste to spring plates and screw sets.


For different purposes we offer you the following combinations with carefully selected components.


For noticeably better braking performance in everyday use, both discs and pads on the Classic variant come from Zimmermann. The discs are perforated for better wet braking performance and a sportier look. All components have approval for use on the street.


With EBC Sport brake pads and perforated Zimmermann brake discs you achieve the highest possible performance while maintaining the road legal status of your vehicle. Improve your braking performance and avoid fading.

Performance Plus

With this option, Zimmermann sport brake discs are paired with Pagid and Tarox brake pads, which offer better braking performance and longer life for all temperature ranges, but are not street legal.


For the motorsport variant, we rely on Tarox Motorsport brake discs combined with Endless Motorsport brake pads. The curved slots mean the discs have a lower risk of warping, so there is less vibration and the chance of cracking is reduced. Together with the brake pads, they withstand high brake temperatures.
Good braking performance from cold to warm combined with the long life of pad and disc make the combination interesting for both track days at a high level and racing events. The higher price is put into perspective by less wear and significantly better braking properties. Discs and pads do not have road approval.

Also available from us are HEL Stahlflex brake hoses for Mercedes 190E, which are very easy to replace when changing the brakes and through high-quality materials create more safety plus better braking feel and are more durable than standard rubber hoses.

If you want advice on which solution is most suitable for your requirements or want to combine other discs and pads, we will be happy to help you! Contact us by mail or phone.

For follow-up orders of wear parts such as pads or discs, you will receive an exclusive discount on these parts as a thank you after purchasing a complete brake system from us. 🙌


We recommend that work on the brake system is always carried out at a specialist workshop and then approved! With this kit, we make performing the upgrade as easy as possible, saving you time and money. Nevertheless, there are some points to consider, which we explain here.

When installing larger brake calipers, the clearance to the rim is always an issue. The four-piston calipers still fit, for example, under 16-inch gullies or many 17-inch rims such as the 8.25-inch wide Evo rim. Due to the larger wheels, we recommend installing the appropriate steering stops.

When installing the brake calipers with larger pistons, the brake booster and master brake cylinder should also be replaced accordingly, depending on the base vehicle. The W201 already had different components from the factory for different engines (e.g. 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 16V models). If your vehicle needs an upgrade, R129 models are interesting as a donor.

The free movement of the discs to the backing plates must be ensured by reworking, especially at the rear. Alternatively, we also offer a set of matching backing plates. In the front, as you can see from the product images, the discs fit 16V models without reworking.

The brake calipers can be mounted on 190E 16V or W124 steering knuckles and wheel hubs (A1243300420, A1243300520) plug & play. With simultaneous exchange of the steering knuckles, the system can therefore also be used on all other W201 such as 1.8, 2.0, 2.3, 2.6 or diesel models. As a best practice, we generally recommend using reinforced steering knuckles and wheel hubs of the R129 SL as they were once used on the Evolution models and 500E (A1293300020, A1293300120) on all W201s.

The Evo 2 came standard with a total of four wear indicator contacts for the brake pads on the front axle. For the conversion, you can choose between the following variants together with your workshop: 1.) Procurement and integration of the appropriate wiring loom for two contacts per caliper, 2.) Foregoing the use of wear indicator contacts, 3) Install one wear indicator contact per caliper. We supply four warning contacts, so that all possibilities are open.

Note that the brake pads of the performance variant offer better braking performance while maintaining road approval, but are correspondingly more aggressive and can thus lead to higher wear and earlier cracking of the discs.

When replacing your brake fluid, choose a higher-quality performance brake fluid such as ATE Racing or comparable products from Motul, Castrol, etc. in order to counteract diminishing braking effect during prolonged, high stress situations and have the brake fluid replaced regularly.

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