Parking Brake Repair Kit Mercedes W201 190E


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Comprehensive repair kit for repairing the handbrake / parking brake on Mercedes W201 190E. Complete set with all parts.

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With this complete set, you can repair the parking brake on your 190 and eliminate what is perhaps the most common reason for a W201 failing the main inspection.

It is often no longer possible to achieve a sufficient and, above all, even braking effect on both sides of the parking brake by adjusting it, so that a complete overhaul of the parking brake mechanism with replacement of the brake shoes, expanding locks, mounting material, handbrake cables and the readjustment mechanism is advisable.

With our set, you can easily put together all the components you need. This gives you the flexibility to choose whether you need brake shoes, lubricating paste and mounting material as well as the cables or the adjuster mechanism for your overhaul.

To renew the rest of your brake system, take a look at our 190E Evo brake upgrade package or the set of stainless braided brake hoses for W201.

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